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working with good people

Our colleagues were blown away by your awe-inspiring story Barry. You could hear a pin drop in the room as they hung on your every word. It makes you realise that everyone has the potential to do just about anything, it is all about ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’. You gave people a reason to believe that anything is possible when you come out of your comfort zone.

Chris WoolnoughDigital Transformation Director
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Barry has the rare ability to capture and maintain his audience’s attention, delivered with humour and honesty. Barry’s insight in his endeavours are conveyed with humility and provide real inspiration and motivation at both personal and corporate levels.

Mick EverettHuman Resources Director
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Barry was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He went above and beyond to adapt his story for our audience, and even re-recorded his webinar on the day the event was going live to ensure the quality was 100% which was much appreciated by the team. Barry’s story is absolutely incredible inspiring both the ACCA team and our students. I cannot recommend Barry enough and we wish him every success in his future endeavours whether he is taking part in another ocean adventure, scaling Everest, or speaking to an audience of 10,000 students!

Alicia CollierMarketing Executive
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Barry Hayes has inspired our leaders through his key note talks about his adventures in particular from working in the post room at Swiss Post to rowing the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii. He shares his experiences, stories, insights and shaped his talks on Learning Agility and Aspiration at MBNA’s request. He also provides a regular blog about his adventures and was voted best speaker here at MBNA in 2015.

Paul CorkeLearning & Development Manager
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Barry is the kind of speaker who can hold the rooms attention without trying, he’s a naturally fluent orator who injects a level of humour just when you are not expecting it. The content was not only informative but drew you in and you felt you were part of his experience. Of course not many of us would undertake this kind of adventure, but Barry proved that in his own words “he’s just an ordinary guy wanting to do something special” that if we really wanted to we could all have a go at some kind of adventure no matter how small or how big.

Malcolm QuickClub member
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Barry's talk was inspiring, engaging and entertaining. His stories were incredibly well received and really encouraging for those looking for their next step. We'd love to have him back in the new year to hear more about his most recent adventures.

Richard BeaumontAssistant Manager
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Chinese Lion Dance - Barry Hayes - The Ocean Rower

Lessons from the Shaolin monks

As I drove through Manchester earlier today with a car full of disturbingly muscular Shaolin monks with their shaved heads, orange robes and associated weaponry as my passengers, I couldn’t help but take a moment to consider how I keep getting myself into these ridiculous situations.

Ominous clouds - Barry Hayes - The Ocean Rower

Failure Analysis: Lesson’s From an Ultramarathon Gone Wrong

As I stood with my friend Nathan on the startline of a 100 mile ultramarathon in Chester at 6am yesterday morning, being found lying unconscious on a road 14 hours later by some good Samaritans at mile 50 was not on my itinerary. That is what happened though, and it’s time to face that.

Misty shot of the boat - Barry Hayes - The Ocean Rower

Pen Pushers with Mental Toughness

As we wound our way further up the Seine battling the negative current, thunder, lightning, hail and everything in between, our sleep deprivation increased, our injuries more widespread, everything hurt, but mostly we laughed. Not nervous laughter, or a general tittering, but deep belly laughter all the way along which seemed to power the boat. Morale never dipped, not once.

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corporate alignment

Often if a business hire a personality to come and speak for them, that speaker is from a completely different world, providing an interesting story but creating a disconnect between themselves and the corporate audience. Barry is from the corporate world, working in a mailroom for most of his working life, which makes it simle to align with corporate audiences


In many instances, walking into a business and giving a generic talk adds limited value. Barry's collaborates with clients to identify what value they need and customizes his talk to suit their needs.

current and relevant

Barry is not a retired adventurer living out his glory days, catch his amazing talks whilst he is in the process of experiencing his incredible personal journey. His blogs and social media profile keep him current, relevant and interesting.


Barry's talks are often used to bring an exciting edge to what could otherwise be quite a dry day of facts and figures. His stories of near-death experiences and endurance are guaranteed to pique the interests of even the most resolute adventurephobe

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